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RubiconMD is a health IT venture that connects general practitioners to top specialists for remote opinions. By receiving specialist input on cases, general practitioners can then make more informed decisions on the diagnosis and management of their patients. This results in better care coordination and avoidance of unnecessary referrals and duplicate tests, both pressing needs for the US health care system.

RubiconMD generates value for all parties involved in healthcare delivery. The patient receives faster diagnosis, no longer pays for avoidable specialist referrals, and gains confidence in their general practitioner. The general practitioner, with the guidance of expert specialists, is empowered to make decisions and manage future patients who present similarly.  Insurance plans benefit from improved health outcomes and a reduction in avoidable specialist visits.  

Founded in March 2013 by two Harvard MBAs and a physician on faculty at Harvard Medical School, RubiconMD’s mission is to democratize medical knowledge by efficiently delivering precise and practical specialist advice.The company went through the prestigious Blueprint Health accelerator program and has been featured in numerous sources such as CNBC.