World to NYC Global Industry Challenge

 New York City Calls On the Best Global Startups in the Application of Technology to Urban Sustainability for W2NYC Initiative, September 29 – October 1, 2014 

Deadline August 22, 2014 – Apply Now!

New York City is setting the stage for urban efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. In the course of the World to NYC – Global Industry Challenge program, the New York City Economic Development Corporation together with its partner New York International invite the most promising startup companies from around the world to present their solutions in the context of continuous urbanization and its economic opportunities for New York City’s citizens, businesses, and beyond.

The World to NYC program promotes collaboration between all stakeholders in the community, knowledge exchange between NYC and the world, and the development of policy ideas to help companies in the field to thrive. The World to NYC Global Industry Challenge “Smart & Sustainable Cities” will open the application process on July 1, 2014 to companies from around the world interested in participating.

The program is looking for digitally-enabled technologies that make cities more intelligent, efficient, and resilient by optimizing use of energy, resources, and the built environment.  This includes software, hardware, and connected devices.  Companies that are of particular interest have demonstrated success in the areas of mobility and transportation, energy (including clean generation, smart grid, and efficiency) or intelligent infrastructure.

At the various events during this three-day program, chosen companies will be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities of smart and sustainable cities at both the startup and matured level.

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