NYC searches for the next big startup

By: Cameron Glover

Silicon Valley’s influence has reached farther than we could have anticipated. The success of the West Coast’s innovation in tech has pushed for friendly competition in other regions of the country, particularly on the East Coast. New York City, naturally, has been trying to find their footing with tech companies and has launched Tech:NYC to find the next big tech startup.

Tech:NYC is launching as not just a solution to uniting the emerging tech culture in New York City, but also to represent the merging of various field, including “government, civic institutions, in business and public policy forums, and with the media”. The goal is to attract emerging tech talent from across these specific sectors, jumpstart the growth of more tech jobs in the area, and to increase civic engagement by tech leaders.

Ambitious, yes – but this just might be what New York City needs to compete in an ever-growing tech culture. Although, the question does arise on whether an emerging tech culture will work in New York City when previous ventures have failed? The uncertainty of emerging startups is also doubled with navigating a tricky economy – for startups that have failed or been bought out, there haven’t been a surefire pattern.

The good news is that there hasn’t been a big-name exit from New York, yet. But the culture of New York can also influence the kinds of startups that can emerge. The influence of Wall Street along with the entrepreneurial spirit of the city itself could inspire the next range of startup superstars. Initiatives like this, nonetheless, are exactly what New York needs to remain competitive in an ever-changing startup culture.

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