Startups Mansion

StartupsMansion is a Bridge between Spanish Entrepreneurs and the United States. It is an experience where 30 entrepreneurs, for 3 months, will create their startups and projects in New York and pitch them to investors. To get larger international exposure, a professional video team will record and broadcast the experience, in a 15 minute weekly online video so projects, entrepreneurs, startups, sponsors and partners will get higher reach.

StartupsMansion is a different program that for the first time joins an entrepreneurs residence and an incubator, offering at the same time a live/working space in the city of New York. There, they can develop their startups supported by mentors and successful entrepreneurs that will help with the program.

The organizing team is working on a wide program of events that will improve the inclusion of participants in the NYC entrepreneurs community and allow them to develop their projects in a privileged environment. All of this can drive to investment opportunities, inclussion in tech development groups, and attending meeting and talks with the role players of some of the world most successful startups: KickStarter, Tumblr, Etsy, Codecademy or FourSquare… all of them based in NYC and regular hosts and participants in events all over the year.

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