Funky Whale Games releases Bee Invasion for glass

Indie game studio Funky Whale Games today announced that its new upcoming game Bee Invasion has been approved by Google and is now available on the MyGlass site.
Bee Invasion has been developed especially for Glass and takes advantage of new features and sensors of the anticipated Google device.

Play with the bees! They are lovely, ferocious and coming to your Glass now! A swarm of cute bees is approaching you fast!

• Look out, shoot and stop them before they build a deadly hive… if you can!
• Look up, down and turn around to find the bees in a 360º experience.
• Enjoy colorful and hilarious animations!
• Featuring super fun music, 80′s style sound effects and lovely characters that fly unpredictably around you!
• Enjoy Bee Invasion at home, on the street and anywhere: every new place is a new environment in this augmented reality game.
“ I still can’t believe that a small indie studio like us, has developed one of the first games for Glass in the world. It’s super fun to look at these cute bees flying around you in 360º and how they get angry. We truly believe in the huge possibilities of augmented reality and gaming and we think it’s going to be the next big thing.” declared Antonio Rabanera, CEO & Creative Director at Funky Whale Games.

Ckeck the Game Trailer 

Bee Invasion is now available  HERE