Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas

At the Entrepreneurs Foundation (EF), we connect high-impact companies in Central Texas with high-impact causes around the world. We help create highly-engaged organizations of talented people who care deeply about the places they do business.

We encourage disruptive innovation in philanthropy. We’re results-oriented because results are what matters. From seed to sold, we’re how innovative companies invest equity, time and talent in their communities.


We offer a financial vehicle for early stage companies to allocate inexpensive private equity to a donor advised fund, creating a source of cash for corporate community investments that don’t impact future company earnings or operating cash.

We’re where nearly 300 companies have contributed over $9 million and over 76,000 volunteer hours to other nonprofits, primarily in Central Texas.


Successful entrepreneurs know that community involvement contributes to successful corporate cultures, helping attract and retain the best team members. We consult with member companies on corporate social responsibility, launch special initiatives and help design stage-appropriate community involvement programs which can provide valuable team & culture building experiences.

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