Dat Venture: accelerator program for Spanish startups

Foreign entrepreneurs encounter several problems when trying to access the American market.

Among them, we usually find the lack of monetary resources, the lack of know­how overseas, and the little or  to make the jump adequately. Dat Venture’s mission is to connect founders abroad with local US resources so they can build teams, validate ideas, and engage with potential customers and investors. The vision is to become the gateway for international startups to enter the United States via Boston, while generating an economic and cultural impact
in their countries of origin.

Some critical aspects when trying to access the American market and rising funds are the adaptation to the market, the adequate approach to investors, and having a local presence. In order to help international startups with these aspects, Dat Venture has designed a 3­month structured program tailored to achieve specific objectives. Participants move to Boston for 3 months, where they live at one of our partnering residences, take a course at a partnering university including, Harvard), assist to workshops and events and work closely with Dat Venture’s team and mentors following a rigorous methodology.

Dat Venture’s original curriculum is organized in three one­month stages:

  1. Idea development: where the focus is on the creative process and laying out the initial business model hypothesis
  2. Customer validation: where entrepreneurs engage with Boston’s ecosystem and attend events to validate assumptions
  3. Pitching: where the objective is to communicate an execution plan in a compelling way
  4. The program finalizes in a Demo Day where participants present their progress to Dat Venture’s community.

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