ClippingBook, the online visual search engine that is revolutionizing the way users search, receive, and personalize content, announces launch of new website on The Lifetime Network’s morning talk show, The Balancing Act

ClippingBook, the visual search engine that aggregates relevant web content in the form of beautiful multimedia digital books on the Internet and mobile devices is a site where you can search, explore, create, and share your discoveries on all the social networks. They announced that ClippingBook premiered on national television, The Lifetime Network’s morning talk show, The Balancing Act into a segment entitled:  “Staying Connected In Today’s Digital World: Sharing Your Everyday Inspiration.” Jorge Mata, CEO stated, “What we are anticipating from this opportunity is building the ClippingBook brand, engaging new users, and creating a credible public image of ClippingBook thru the exposure on a national television network. We are proud of our unique technology, we believe we have created one of the best user interfaces to enjoy and utilize daily.”

Lifetime Television is ranked the number one highest-rated women’s channel in the U.S targeting over 96 million households. The Balancing Act is the network’s premiere morning talk show. Kristina Steward, ClippingBook’s SVP of Public Relations, was asked to appear on the segment to showcase ClippingBook. Steward noted, “Since our inception we have been evolving our website to enhance the user experience and reimagine the way people can utilize relevant content. ClippingBook delivers visually rich content, web pages, images, videos into one package; a stunning, sharable digital book that tells a story with just a click. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be sharing our story on The Balancing Act.” Here is the segment

About ClippingBook

Founded in 2012 by Internet veteran and seasoned entrepreneur Jorge Mata, CEO, who has twice been appointed Technology Pioneer by Davos World Economic Forum, ClippingBook has revolutionized the way users search, share, and create relevant content in beautiful book-form digital content on Internet and mobile and serves as the online visual search engine for users to search, create, and share their favorite content across the digital landscape.