Bio & health tech entrepreneurship lab NYC

ELabNYC is a prestigious 6-month training and coaching program for aspiring entrepreneurs in the City’s life sciences and healthcare technology community. The first in a series of Eds & Meds NYC 2020 initiatives, the ELabNYC provides extensive support to early-career researchers and engineers, post-docs, and graduate students of science interested in forming new biotech and health tech ventures. Launched in partnership with the Bloomberg Administration, and led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, the Lab is designed to:

  • Develop a more vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and venture creation in the City’s academic life sciences and healthcare communities
  • Teach entrepreneurial business concepts to aspiring entrepreneurs, including concepts that are fundamental to the life sciences and healthcare industries
  • Define a clear path for NYC’s entrepreneurially-minded graduate students and post-docs to start or join new commercial ventures based in NYC
  • Build a  of life sciences and healthcare technology entrepreneurs in NYC

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