January 19, 2017. Source: Entrepreneur

5 Things to know if you’re starting a business under 30

By: Jayson Demers So, you’ve decided to start a business, even though you’re young and don’t have much experience. That’s okay — in fact, it’s better than okay. There are a ton of advantages to starting a business in your 20s and 30s, including higher long-term potential gains and (generally) a higher level of energy and enthusiasm. However, before […]

January 17, 2017. Source: Fast Company

For banking app Monese, founded to serve migrants, Brexit has been good for business

By: Ainsley O’Connell Serial entrepreneur Norris Koppel, an Estonian by birth, understands all too well the challenges faced by immigrants. When he moved to the United Kingdom 17 years ago, he was denied a bank account because he didn’t have a British credit history or utility bills. Unable to get paid and unable to rent […]

January 12, 2017. Source: Entrepreneur

8 Ways to fund your startup

By: Sarah Landrum Running your own business is a great way to experience career flexibility and financial independence. While it’s an idea that has crossed nearly everyone’s mind at one point or another, very few actually capitalize on such thoughts. There are a number of common barriers that are inherent to the startup process itself, […]

January 10, 2017. Source: Entrepreneur

Does your startup really need a private office space? 5 Questions to ask first

By: Sujan Patel Launching a startup can be exciting, and an increasing number of Americans are doing just that: According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, two-thirds of Americans consider entrepreneurship a good career move; and the result is that today there are more than 27 million entrepreneurs running or starting new businesses. These entrepreneurs are working from home, cafés, shared workspaces, […]

January 9, 2017. Source: Techworld

Why startup programmes don’t work for large companies

By: Jean-Marc Bally Open innovation has become a popular term these days, especially within large companies which have the feeling that they have no choice but to find new ways of nurturing innovation in order to keep up the pace of today’s business world. They are increasingly keen to engage with startups – either by launching their own scheme or by taking part […]

January 4, 2017. Source: Techcrunch

Uru finds the best places to introduce ads in online videos

By: Anthony Ha New York City-based startup Uru is working on a new way for video publishers to make money. Imagine watching a normal-looking online video — except that on some of the surfaces (say, on the cabinet behind the stars of a cooking video), you’ll see logos or other art promoting a sponsor. Okay, that might actually […]

December 16, 2016. Source: Tech.Eu

‘Now is the best time to be an entrepreneur in Europe’

By: Jonathan Keane, “Now is the best time in history to be an entrepreneur in Europe.” That is one of the banner conclusions from a new report, The State of European Tech, published today by VC firm Atomico and Slush, the organisation behind of the Finnish tech conference of the same name. The expansive report, which surveyed founders, investors […]

December 15, 2016. Source: VentureBeat

Food and beverage startups stand to gain as unleashed software intensifies investment in UK

By: Business Wire Unleashed Software, the innovative inventory management developer, has intensified its commitment to helping UK-based food and beverage startups succeed in an increasingly crowded and competitive market space. Having recently sponsored the first Bread and Butter event – UK’s first food founders’ festival geared toward giving food entrepreneurs the tools and communal support […]

December 13, 2016. Source: VentureBeat

Why chatbots need deep learning

By: Sergei Burkov Bots are hot. Bots are coming. However, there are two distinct species both referred to as “bots.” 1. Intelligent virtual agents with conversational UI 2. No-smarts menu-driven programs with graphics UI that rely on on-screen buttons The first article of this series argued the latter have a number of serious disadvantages that make them virtually unacceptable. They face […]

December 5, 2016. Source: Entrepreneur

The 10 best new-age business ideas you haven’t heard about yet

By: Adam Toren You don’t have to over-utilize iPads and smartphones to transform your business into a modern one. Connecting with newer generations is easy when you take advantage of the cool, in-demand ideas at your fingertips. Here are 10 new-age business ideas to get you started. 1. Tiny houses Sometimes a 10,000 square foot […]

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