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We create professional Linkedin profiles

Set to launch on September 1st, Menerva is a global advising company that connects students and professionals with skilled writers that can help create a professional online account on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, with 300 million users and growing. According to information found in “Confessions of the Recruitment Industry” compiled by BeHiring, 1 in 3 employers reject job candidates based on something they found about them online, and 86% of businesses used LinkedIn for job recruitment in 2011, with that number continuing to grow every year.

With such intense competition, do you want to risk losing that dream job opportunity down the road because your professional online presence seemed too basic, or even nonexistent? Through Menerva, students finally have a chance to shine, gaining access to writers who can help them craft a masterpiece to help showcase their talents for colleges and future employers.

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