Jorge Mata

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Jorge Mata founded MyAlert in 1999, a company focused on designing and
implementing wireless alert services to mass market. In 2001 MyAlert merged with
Buongiorno, an Italian public company. He acted as Vice Chairman in Buongiorno till
the company went public in 2003.

Jorge is also founder and Chairman of Berggi Inc., and Zipclip Inc., focused in
developing the mobile 2.0 for the mass market, which has recently sold to an
American group. Jorge’s most recent start up is, a social media
discovery, distribution and aggregation platform for all multimedia content. Jorge
has been Board member in public and private companies in Silicon Valley, Finland
and Spain and is an active investor in more than 15 start‐ups. He is President of FDI,
company dedicated to the development of Mobile Internet content. And currently,
CEO of ClippingBook Inc. and chairman of

Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, Jorge worked at AT&T& Bell
Laboratories, McKinsey & Co., Banco Santander and Broadvision.

The Davos World Economic Forum has appointed Jorge twice technology
pioneer in 2001 and 2002. Jorge Mata holds an MS in Physics from Universidad
Autonoma (Madrid), and an MBA from New York University.